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The Beginning


In 2009 I was looking for a cheap car for everyday use.  When seacing the net, my eyes fell on a red Golf cabriolet. It had my name on it, and it was love at first sight.


She had some rust under the tail ligts, her color was faded to more orange than red, and her black plasic trims was gray instead of black. Her nerve system of cords and cables was unrelighable to say the least, and she often refused to follow the orders I gave her thru the buttons on the dash. She had, and still has a temper. Not a bad temper, but still you have to be nice to her in order for her to be nice to you and do what you want her to do.


When starting her engine, she loudly complained thru the holes in her exhaust system, sceaming her discomfort to everybody around.

Her interior had seen better days. Her seats was ragged and dirty, and one day she even tried to refuse me to drive her by breaking the steel

frame under the driver seat.


She refused to let me play music too. Stuck in the CD player was a childrens disk with some awful, silly tunes and the only thing the radio threw at me with the broken antenna, was in best case some noisy broadcast from some local amateur station.


If it wasn't for the shiny new cabriolet, and the fact that she had a GTI engine I doubt that she one dat would be mine.


It was time for action! During three intence days I gave my new girlfriend a full makeover. The first day, I worked on her rusty ass, removing her wounds and giving her some new colorful paint. Thereafter, it was a full body massage. Rubbing and polishing her whole body, watching her colors return to what they should be like.


Day two we did what girls like best: Go shopping! First we found some nice rims in exactly the right colors. The 17" black rims with a small red stripe would make a perfect match, and since she insisted I couldn't refuse. As for tires, we choose something not too drastic or expensive sice we had a lot more on the shopping list for that day. The choise fell on some Linglong Ding Dong Pling Plong 205/45-17.

Then it was a trip to the exhaust doctor and got a brand new, and not at least sealed system. Finally she stopped complaining and started to smile at me.


We still had a lot to do that day, so we had to hurry on. At our next stop I found a new CD player. Sound quality is important to me, so I looked at the upper shelf and found a nice Kenwood player for my new love. In matching colors of course, red background lights on a black player. She wasn't happy by the thought of letting the old Sony with the children's CD go, but I gave her no choise this time.

More shopping, and after a few more hours we were all done.


Before the bright and sunny spring day turned into night she had become a helthy young lady. All her lubricant's and fluids were all fresh and new. So was her ignition system, and even some accessories like the wipers and sideblinkers. It was time to say good night and call it a day.


The last of the three hectic days, I took a close look at her nervous system, fixing broken wiring and connectors. It took some time, and was a little painful for her, but it had to be done. Besides she didn't like that I had to undress her for chairs and door panels. Well, it was all forgotten when she got them back on and her attention again turned to how she felt when every part of her body was functioning well. She blinked her headlights at me telling me she was feeling great! She turned on some vocal trance she found on the USB stick on her newly installed stereo system, and together we danced into the sunset.








Manipulated picture for

testing out design ideas.







Side view spring 2011.







Rear view spring 2011.






       Newly polished summer 2011.